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ZEBRA POWERDRIV 12-Point Dual Ratchet Combination Wrench 17mm


For secure gripping and high transmission of force. 

The POWERDRIV® system enables a high transmission of force at the wrench end and reduces wear on the bolt heads. POWERDRIV® does not grip bolt heads at the corner as is usually the case, rather it grips the sides. This enlarges the driving flat and permits a higher transmission of force. The service life of the screws is increased, as stripping of heads is prevented. Even old and rusty screws can be loosened virtually trouble-free with the POWERDRIV® without rounding off.

Benefits of Powerdriv



Screwdrivers being manufactured


This is our PROMISE 100% Quality, Zero Compromise. Innovation, Quality and Design at the highest level. You’ll find the Würth name worldwide. For over 50 years, professionals have put their faith in our name because of what we put behind it. Before any of our products reach you, our team labtests, field-tests and continues to search for new, innovative solutions. This commitment is reflected in the feel and performance of our hand tools, which we designed to make your work easier. ZEBRA® not only stands for unbeatable quality, ZEBRA® stands for a way of life. A clear statement that we don’t settle in the work we perform. We only excel!

Discover our highest quality products by looking for our ZEBRA® mark. These products offer exceptional ergonomics and optimized performance, for a tool that's touch enough for any project.




Zebra Double Ended Ring Wrench Set, 3PC Article Number 071425730 Zebra Powerdriv 12 Point Dual Ratchet Combination Wrench Article Number 071425950 Zebra Powerdriv Ratchet Combination Wrench - Flexible Joint - Article Number 071426317
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