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ADP / Reynolds and Reynolds Data tapes

With Wurth USA you can seamlessly integrate our product information into your ADP or Reynolds and Reynolds management system. You can order data tape of Würth part numbers and information for your existing system, increasing efficiency and ensuring proper billing.

  • Automated Inventory Tracking
  • Charge out small parts for all repairs (helps with accurate tracking of departmental P and L while eliminating cost and creating profit centers)
  • Repair charges become billable parts (less likely to be disputed by customers and insurance companies)
  • No need for a scanner or software
  • Capability to create invoices on the Parts Department side
  • Ease of uploading part numbers (matching part number to invoice)
  • Cross reference to OEM part
  • Works within your existing ADP or Reynolds & Reynolds System - no additional programs required

Contact your ADP or Reynolds and Reynolds management representative today to start receiving your Würth parts on disk.

1-800-255-3924: Chemical Hotline

Würth cares about safety. That's why we offer a toll-free hotline to provide treatment information about any products that we sell - just call 1-800-255-3924.

24-hour Order Turnaround

At Wurth USA we process and ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Wurth USA also has a 98% fill rate to ensure you receive exactly what you asked for - as quickly as possible.