Automotive Electrical Supplies | Battery Solder Slugs

Battery Solder Slugs are an innovative solution for soldering cable terminals. Installation simply requires standard shop tools and eliminates crimping from the process. The color coded pellets ensure correct product identification.

  • Color-coded solder pellets conform to industry standards
  • Pre-measured solder pellets assure the right amount of solder will be used in each connection
  • Flux core and liquid flux prevent dirt and contaminants from hindering the soldering process
Soldering Cable Terminals

1. Strip the proper size cable so the exposed cable will reach the top of the battery terminal. The cable installation should fit snugly against the top. Insert proper size solder slug and apply solder flux.

2. Secure the battery terminal in a vise. Slide the proper size heat shrink tubing over the cable. Insert the exposed cable into the terminal. Heat the base of the battery terminal while applying gentle downward pressure on the cable.

3. As the solder melts, allow the cable to slide into the terminal until the installation is snug against the top of the terminal. Remove from heat. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection. Apply indirect heat to the tubing.

4. Allow connection to cool. You now have “The Perfect Connection”.