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Ensure technicians meet all safety standards when performing an electric vehicle repair with our new electric insulating gloves and leather protector gloves. The Electric Insulating Inner Glove provides the ultimate fit, comfort and performance for electrical workers' safety and protection. The Leather Protector Outer Glove provides ultimate protection while safeguarding the integrity of the rubber insulated glove.

Electric Insulating Gloves

Provides ultimate fit, comfort and performance for electrical workers' safety and protection. Class 0, 11 Inch.


  • Manufactured from rubber latex. Utilizes and environmentally-friendly dipping process for ultimate flexibility and dexterity.
  • Ergonomic hand-at-rest shape reduces hand fatigue.
  • Flared cuff allows room for clothing and improved ventilation.
“When working on electric vehicles, it is imperative technicians follow safety standards while wearing electric gloves in order to prevent electric shock. Check out our blog article highlighting 5 things you need to know when working on electric vehicles including technician tips for before and after electric glove use.”

Leather Protector Gloves

Provides ultimate protection and safeguards the integrity of the rubber insulated gloves.


  • Offers highest dexterity while providing cut, puncture, and abrasion protection to rubber insulated gloves.
  • Suitable to wear with Class 0 and 00 gloves.
  • Extends the life of your rubber insulated gloves while providing excellent hand protection.
  • For use with 11" electrical insulating gloves.

Electric Glove Set

Glove sets include both the Electric Insulating Gloves and Leather Protector Gloves, providing safety, performance, and all-day comfort.

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