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Metal & Maintenance

Since 1969, Wurth USA is proud to partner with industrial maintenance and repair professionals like you who demand the highest quality products to get your jobs done right the first time. Your business is our priority and the unparalleled service we provide will allow you to focus on what matters most — doing top quality work. Time is money. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get connected to the dedicated Würth Representative proudly serving your local community.

Production Related Metal

In the production related metal business, we serve customer such as machine engineers and production industrial goods, vehicle-conversion workshops and other metal part producers. Whether cutting, drilling, grinding, painting or assembling: There is no way around safe and highly precise work in the production-related metal industry. WÜRTH offers an extensive range of products for professional customers in the following business sectors:

  • Metal Cutting
  • Production Industrial Goods
  • Machine Engineering
  • Container Fabrication, Barrel,Keg & Drum Manufacturing
  • Elevator Industry
  • Furniture / Store Fabrication Metal
  • Trailer/Car Conversion
  • Railway Technology
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Sheet Metal Processing

  • MRO.jpg

    MRO:Maintenance, Repair, and Operation

    Würth has been a leading provider of maintenance repair and operational supplies, tools and equipment to the MRO industry for nearly 70 years. The main product line features a range of industrial consumables, related equipment and services, covering various customer applications in the area of maintenance, repair and operation. Our time- and cost-saving stock management solutions, such as the ORSY® systems, enable our customers to fully focus on their core businesses.

  • Maintenance Workshops
  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Featured Categories

    PPE and Safety

    • Ear Protection
    • Eye Protection
    • Face Protection
    • Hand Cleaner
    • Hand Protection
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Spill Control


    • Brakes and Parts Cleaner
    • HHS
    • ROST OFF Plus
    • Wurth ECO Line
    • Adhesive & Bonding
    • Degreasers
    • Paints & Primers
    • Sealants & Silicones


    • Drill Bits
    • Flap Discs & Wheels
    • Sandpaper & Sanding Discs
    • Cutting Discs
    • Grinding Wheels
    • Hacksaw Blades
    • Holes & Jigsaws

    Hand Tools

    • Allen KeysCleaner
    • Pliers & Cutters
    • Riveters
    • Screwdrivers
    • Sockets & Ratchets
    • Wrenches

    Hardware & Fasteners

    • Bolts
    • Cotter Pins
    • Clamps
    • Retaining Rings
    • Rivets
    • Rivnuts
    • Studs

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