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Flexible Spreader Blue
Article Number:0691500120
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Body & Fender Dent PullingSystem


Spreader - blue



By attaching the tension adapters, dents in different materials and surfaces can be pulled out. Subsequent painting of many dents may not be needed.

- No removal of paint coating - No repainting
(The success of the repair without repainting depends on the quality of the paint and how the product is used)
- No disassembly of the interior trim and no disconnection of the battery - No disassembly/assembly times
- No welding burns on the inner side of the body - No reworking required
- The low generation of heat allows work even on critical components Universal application, e.g. on motorcycle fuel tanks, stainless steel containers etc
- The large-surface adapters enable smooth straightening of the dent - No reworking required compared to spot welding methods

Application of the Adapters
- Five different tension adapters included in the set enable optimized work on small, large, round or long dents.
- The adapters can be reused and trimmed.

Application on the following materials
- Painted surfaces
- Steel sheet, blank or galvanized
- Stainless steel
- Aluminum
- Sheet gauges from 0.5 to 2mm

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