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ECO Biological Floor Cleaner Concentrate 4 Liter
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ECO Biological Floor Cleaner


4L Concentrate

Mix Ratio

1:40 or 1:80 parts water based on severity of grease to be cleaned.

-Dirt eating- floor cleaner.

Eco Biological Floor Cleaner was specifically designed to penetrate porous floor surfaces to degrade and eliminate grease and other organic materials that can accumulate over time. It produces enzymes that will break down the fatty acid components of grease. The microbes continue cleaning long after you have finished. Customers notice a significant difference in reduced amounts of required cleaning after using this product for as little as two weeks.

Eco Biological Floor Cleaner will digest all organic matter except petroleum based hydro carbons.

- Highly effective immediate results
- pH: 7.5 - 8.5
- Cleans floors and grout
- Controls odor
- Made from 100% sustainable resources
- Reduces conditions that are favorable to pests
- Provides long-term deep cleaning by removing embedded residual organic material found in pores, cracks, crevices and corners
- Reduces potential for slippage by promoting -grease free- floors
- Improves waste stream in drains by creating a biofilm in drains, traps and pipes which reduces build up of waste matter and promotes strong flow
- Environmentally safe, cleans without harsh chemicals

- Automotive and trucking industries
- Cleans shop floors, removes the grease and oil on floors in hard-to-reach areas
- Food industry - food safe - ideal for kitches, food plants, restaurants, etc.
- Hospitals
- Metal and maintenance

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