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Tire Mounting Paste 11 Lb Pail
Article Number:08901221 SDS
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Tire Mounting Paste


11 lb Pail

Technical Data

Consistency: creamy, solid
pH-value: 5.5 - 6.0
Processing temperature: +5?F to +104?F
Flame point: >212?F
Density at 68?F: 1.04 g/cm3
Shelf life: 24 months
Possible material combinations: rubber/steel, rubber/light metal, rubber plastic


For fitting of car, truck and motorcycle tires.

Excellent lubrication

- Low force required for quick fitting of the tire
- Reduced material consumption
- Reduced machine wear
- Gentle on tyre bead and rim
- Better centering of the tire on the rim

Short aeration time
- Non-positive bonding between tire and rim shortly after fitting
- Reduces complaints and consequential costs for possible re-balancing

Tire and rim care
- Keeps tire rubber supple and assures permanent sealing between rim and tire bead
- Fights rust (non-corrosive)
- Prevents sticking of the tire to the rim pH-neutral
- No aggressive effect on tire rubber or rim

Suitable for Run-flat tires
- Suitable for most current tire generation

Physiologically safe
Free of harmful solvents
Keeps tyre bead supple and operable during storage in summer/winter
VOC and Silicone Free
50 State Compliant

Instructions for use
Use with brush or sponge.

Tire Removal

Tire Mounting
Prior to fitting a new tire, clean the rim and of all residual fitting paste in the area of the tire bead. We recommend using brake cleaner for this purpose. Remove pos­sible rust with a wire brush. These preparations will enhance the effec­tive­ness of the WURTH Tire Fitting Paste. Apply a thin coat of tire mounting paste on the tire bead and the rim and fit the tire using the appropriate tire ­fitting equipment. Expert fitting of the tire is a basic requirement to achieve the best pos­sible running characteristics of the tire.


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