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Protective Welding Spray 32 Fl Oz
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Protective Welding Spray and Paste


Protective Welding Spray - 32 fl oz Bottle

Protective Welding Spray and Paste are used in the prevention of heat transfer on any metal from one point to another.

- Recommended for use on any metal, to prevent heat transfer between contact points
- Provides temporary fire retardant properties
- Hours of protection for materials compromised during welding or soldering
- Stop heat from travelling down the pipe
- Used as a thermal block to stop heat from traveling to unwanted areas (ie. valves)
- Protects painted surfaces from damage during soldering, brazing or welding.
- Non-Corrosive
- Non-Flammable
- Non-Toxic
- 100% Biodegradable

HVAC & Plumbing Industry

- When installing plumbing or HVAC valves, apply Protective Welding Paste between the valve and the area to be heated. This will significantly reduce or stop heat from reaching the valve thereby protecting the seals
- Protect painted surfaces from heat damage while soldering joints
- Protect wood, sheetrock, wires, insulation (all types), etc. virtually any surface from heat related damage caused by torch heat during soldering, brazing or even welding
Welding Industry
- Apply protective welding paste on each side of the weld area to reduce heat transfer, discoloration & distortion on lightweight metal
- Protect adjacent surfaces to the weld area from fires and heat related damage
Automotive Industry
- Protect painted surfaces from heat related damage or damage from weld spatter
- Apply to finished surfaces (ie. Painted metal surfaces, plastic, cloth, vinyl, etc.) to protect from heat of torch or weld spatter
- Apply in the following areas: CV Boots, Muffler / Exhaust Work, Under the Dash Wiring, Heavy Truck Industry and in the Body Shop

Protective Welding Paste is a thicker version of the Spray Gel and provides added protection from higher temperatures. Protective Welding Paste temperature resistance can be as high as 7,500?F or 4,148?C.

CAUTION: Pictures are for demonstration purposes! Always wear proper gloves when working!

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