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Wurth Film Penetrating Lubricant 500 Ml
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Wurth Film Penetrating Lubricant 500 Ml


500 ml. Aerosol

WURTH Film is a non-conductive long-term penetrating lubricant that protects against rust and corrosion.

- Ideal product to use for the protection of all metal surfaces
- The penetrating and cooling action ensures moisture is displaced and further moisture intrusion is prevented
- Will not dry up and flake off
- The aerosol format provides ease of application, especially in hard-to-reach areas
- Provides lubrication to sliding surfaces, to prevent binding and squeaking
- Penetrates through rust, stopping all metal deterioration on contact
- Silicone free
- Temperature range: +14oF to +140oF

- Automotive and Trucking:
battery terminals, brake cables, door hinges, hood & trunk mechanisms, all nuts, bolts and studs, throttle cables, tools, wheel lugs, trailer attachments
- Agriculture: applicators and transfer pumps handling liquid fertilizers, balers, blades/cutters, combines, cultivators, tractors, winches, fertilizer spreaders, irrigation fittings, pruning shears and saws, control cables
- Boating: battery terminals, boat trailers, outboard engines against salt spray, electronic equipment, fishing reels, pulleys


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