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HHS Plus 500 ml (aerosol)
Article Number:0893106026 SDS
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HHS Plus 500 ml (aerosol)


Pressure resistance under high pressure loads

Despite high pressure loads and the shear movement of the base body, the lubricating film of the HHS Plus remains active and does not tear off. Reliably separates the opposing body from the base body, ensuring optimum wear protection under high pressure loads.This is only possible with dirt-free lubricating points.

Extremely high-pressure-resistant semisynthetic oil.

Versatile lubricating oil due to its combination

of balanced, matched properties

High-pressure resistant

High creep capacity

Active adhesive effective

Good material compatibility

Splash and saltwater-resistant, withstands weak acids and alkaline solutions

Contains no silicone, resin or acid



High-pressure resistant

  • Extraordinarily tear-resistant lubricating film with outstanding noise and vibration damping properties


High creep capacity

  • Excellent lubricating properties with close tolerances.
  • Added protection against corrosion. 


Active adhesive effective

  • No throwing off of the lubricant with turning and rotating parts


Splash and saltwater-resistant, withstands weak acids and alkaline solutions.

  • Contains no silicone, resin or acid.
  • Operating temperature range:
  • -35˚C (-31˚F) to +180˚C (356˚F)
  • Temporarily: +200˚C (+382˚F)
  • Color: Yellowish



WarningThis product can expose you to Hexane which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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