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CU 800 Copper Anti Sieze Paste 2.2 Lb Can
Article Number:08938002 SDS
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CU 800


1,000g Can

Resistant to high temperatures and pressures, highly adhesive copper lubricating, release and corrosion protection paste.
Prevents burning on and seizing, cold welding, wear, corrosion and fretting corrosion.
Unaffected by temperatures up to 2,192?F. Resistant to water, acids and alkalis.

Very high resistance

- Temperature range from –40°F to +2192°F
- Resistant to water, alkaline solutions and acids
- Resistant to extremely high temperatures and high pressures.
Great, long-lasting lubricating effect
- Provides long-term protection against burning-on and seizing, cold welding, wear, corrosion and ­frictional corrosion

Suitable for
As a lubricant, parting paste and corrosion-protecting copper paste for protecting backs of brake pads, fixing points and individual components such as battery terminals, solid seals, articulated joints, etc.

Back sides of disc-brake pad (prevents squeaking), fastening and individual components.
Backing Poles: Protection of contacts, nozzles of inert-gas arc welding guns (prevents build-up of splatter).
Seals: Prevents baking on of solid seals.
Miscellaneous: Bolt connections (exhaust manifold bolts, spark plug ­threads), bearings, pivots, hinges, sliding surfaces, etc.


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