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High Temp Engine Compartment Adhesive Spray 13 oz
Article Number:0890910056 SDS
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High-Temp Engine Compartment Adhesive Spray


Engine compartment contact adhesive designed for bonding hood silencer pads, heavyweight headliners and vinyls where high strength and heat resistance are needed. Bonds metal, wood or plastic. Will hold up to tem- peratures of 200°F. Intermittently up to 240°F.

- Excellent heat and water resistance
- High immediate bond strength
- Repositionable during assembly
- Plasticizer resistant
- No need to purge can after use
- Long bonding range (5 minutes to 1 hour)
- Rated to 200?F (240?F intermittent)
- Great on headliners, hood silencer pads, etc.
- Bonds to metal, wood or plastic

Not recommended for polyethylene, polypropylene or foamed polystyrene.


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