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AC Leak Stop w Dye 1234YF
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AC Leak Stop w Dye 1234YF

For use in HFO-1234YF systems and HFO-1234 YF electric & hybrid A/C systems. Stops leaks in metal / rubber automotive A/C parts such as evaporators, condensers, O-rings, gaskets and hoses.



  • 1 can treats 1 vehicle
  • Adds 1 oz. (30 ml) leak stop with UV leak detection dye
  • Does not contain harmful polymers or refrigerant
  • Will not harm or clog AC system components, reclamation or recovery machines.
  • Compatible with PAG, POE, and PAO oils
  • Safe for hybrid and electric compressors
  • HFC-FREE aerosol
  • Includes O-ring conditioner and anti-wear / anti-oxidant additives


  1. Start engine and turn A/C to MAX. If A/C compressor is not running, leak stop cannot be installed.
  2. Remove cap from low pressure port of A/C system.
  3. Before connecting A/C Leak Stop to low pressure port, slowly fill hose with Leak Stop to force any air out.
  4. Connect hose to low pressure port and depress actuator to charge Leak Stop into A/C system for approximately 20 seconds.
  5. Disconnect hose from port.
  6. Top up A/C with refrigerant.
  7. Replace port cap.
  8. Run A/C system 15-20 minutes to circulate Leak Stop into A/C system.

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