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Rubber Wiring Grommet Assortment 245 Pcs
Article Number:196405616
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(Min) $182.258

Total:  $182.258

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Rubber Wiring Grommets

240 Pieces
Blanking Grommets 6mm - 38mm
Wiring Grommets 18mm

Package Deal Contents:

Large Box 12 Compartment For Organizational System Drawer 195523012 Large Box 12 Compartment For Organizational System Drawer 1
Single Flange GroMMet 10X14X18 05616640 Single Flange GroMMet 10X14X18 25
Plastic Sleeves For Schematics 19540001 Plastic Sleeves For Schematics 1
Blanking GroMMet  6MM 056116 Blanking GroMMet 6MM 25
Double Flange GroMMet 12X20X24 05616652 Double Flange GroMMet 12X20X24 25
Double Flange GroMMet 16X24X30 05616663 Double Flange GroMMet 16X24X30 10
Double Flange GroMMet 21X31X38 05616665 Double Flange GroMMet 21X31X38 10
Double Flange GroMMet 10X12X18 05616650 Double Flange GroMMet 10X12X18 25
Double Flange GroMMet  9X11X16 05616648 Double Flange GroMMet 9X11X16 25
Blanking GroMMet 12MM 0561112 Blanking GroMMet 12MM 25
Blanking GroMMet 10MM 0561110 Blanking GroMMet 10MM 25
Blanking GroMMet 16MM 0561116 Blanking GroMMet 16MM 25
Blanking GroMMet 14MM 0561114 Blanking GroMMet 14MM 25

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