Thread Repair | Time Sert

Time Sert

The best thread repair system on the market! Solid steel, copper or stainless steel bushings allow permanent thread repair in most any surface with 4 easy steps.

1. Drill out old threads.

2. Counter bore hole.

3. Use Time-Sert tap to re-tap hole

4. Insert bushing into hole with Time-Sert Insertion tool.

The TIME-SERT® system is based on a solid steel bushing machined from a solid piece of material. The thin-walled bushing is press-fitted to the workpiece. Therefore, TIME-SERT® is able to withstand high continuous strains as well as frequent tightening and loosening of screws. The available bushings can be used with ISO, coarse-pitch, fine-pitch and unified threads.

TIME-SERT® can be used in aluminum, brass, steel or casting materials.