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Introducing Fluid and Flush Program

The Perfect Suite to eliminate over-heating and scale buildup, achieve complex cleaning abehind intake valves, replenish power steering systems, extend engine component life, enhance injector operation, and free sticky valves and restore overall performance

2 Step Direct Injection Engine Cleaner Kit

This direct injection kit is designed specifically for GDI engines to clean the back of the intake valve and entire fuel system! Amajor concern with a GDI engine is ensuring the back of the intake valves are cleaned to remove carbon buildup. The carbon buildup over time reduces engine life, fuel economy, and affects performance. To ensure a GDI or any multi-port gas or diesel fuel system is properly maintained, rely on Penray’s Direct Injection Cleaning Kit.

2 Step Fuel Injection Kit

This 2 step kit provides total fuel system clean-up to enhance vehicle performance and includes:

Fuel Injector Cleaner:
After adding to fuel tank, this strong formula will help remove deposits, clean injectors, and provide lubrication that will enhance smooth injector operation.
Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner:
Introduced into the intake system, this solution cleans carbon deposits on valves and in combustion chambers.

2 Step Engine Re-Charge Kit

Exposure to combustion gasses and soot wear down motor oil making it less effective. Once it starts to wear down, the degraded protection produces tiny metallic particles which grind against surfaces causing wear, friction, poor efficiency, and wasted power. Our highly concentrated detergent keeps the engine clean by removing deposits and neutralizing the negative effects, and keeps your engine running at it’s best.

2 Step Power Steering Kit

A vital function of power steering fluid is to reduce heat and friction while transferring power and control to the wheels. As miles are put on a vehicle, the fluid breaks down and wears out. The importance of a properly functioning steering system cannot be overstated. Cleaning the entire system and maintaining fresh fluid can reduce the possibility of future failures.

2 Step Transmission Tune Up Kit

Heat build-up is the number one enemy of a transmission. The fluid in the system must remain clean of all dirt to ensure that it can keep the system cool, lubricated, and provide the necessary pressure to keep your vehicle moving.

2 Step Cooling System Kit

The cooling system removes heat from the engine. Scale and rust build-up in the system weakens the heat transfer characteristics of the coolant. Different driving habits, operating conditions, types of coolant and styles of vehicle are reasons the cooling system needs attention.
Coolant care is important to prevent coolant system failures. A clean and stable system will eliminate scale and rust build-up while prolonging the life of all cooling system components


All Penray service kits are backed by our exclusive lifetime preventive maintenance protection plan

In recent years Penray has seen enormous growth in the service and quick lube markets. This warranty supports Penray’s committment to quality products supporting our installers and technicians.
For more information, please view the Warranty Details.




Earn financial rewards for purchasing Fluids & Flushes from Wurth USA. Earn 5% of your quarterly Fluid & Flush pruchases back as credit on your account; the more you buy, the more you earn. Please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager for details.

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