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Hub Cleaning Tool Replacement Disc 40mm (Includes 6 discs per package)
Article Number:05852001
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Hub Cleaning Tool Replacement Disc 40mm (Includes 6 discs per package)

Designed to clean rust, corrosion and other buildup from the base of the wheel stud, wheel drums, tire rims and battery posts.


  • Lock-on abrasive design
  • Unique design to fit 1/2” impact wrench
  • Includes 1x tool & 1x 2” (50mm) disc
  • Tool made with high strength steel for durability



  • Tool and abrasive designed with high strength material to quickly remove rust
  • Unique design fits into 1/2” drive impact wrench, the same tool used to remove lug nuts
  • Tool fits easily over wheel studs and also cleans battery posts
  • Helps improve proper torque of lug nuts and for easy accurate tire balancing


Usage Instructions

Insert the hub cleaning too into the impact wrench. After the hub cleaning tool is affixed securely, make sure the impact wrench is spinning in a clockwise motion to insure that the disc remains secure during operation. Place the hub cleaning tool over a wheel mounting stud and engage impact wrench to clean away corrosion and rust from the hub. Repeat process for the other wheel mounting studs/hubs.


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