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Circlip Pliers Form C - 225mm Length (40-100mm Grip Range)
Article Number:07140204
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Circlip Pliers Form C - 225mm Length (40-100mm Grip Range)

For retaining rings (bore circlips)

  • Standard: DIN 5256 Handle: Plastic-Coated
  • Guarantees a secure grip, slip-resistant Compressed Spring Steel Tip
  • Optimized stability for use with tight-fitting and seized rings Inserted Tips
  • Offers maximum strength when loosening tight-fitting/seized rings and allows rings to be installed with minimal distortion. Screwed and Mounted Joint
  • High precision and optimized movement. Large Contact Surfaces
  • Rings mounted with minimal torsion. Pliers Head
  • Slim design for optimum access to work piece, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

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