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Cold Shrink Tape 3/4X33 Ft
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Cold Shrink Tape

Base material

Polyisobutylene (black)

Elongation at tear


Application temperature

41?F to +95?F

Temperature resistance

-40?F to +194?F

Disruptive strength


Shelf life (at approx. 68?F and 50% humidity)

24 months (store dry, lying and dust-free)

UV resistance


Moisture resistance


- Water resistant
Your advantages:
- The shrink tape provides various materials with a water and steam proof seal
- Good insulation properties
Your advantages:
- Thanks to its disruptive strength, the tape is highly suitable for insulating cables and electical lines
- Highly compatible with any insulation and sheathing materials
Your advantages:
- Good compatibility with PE, PVC, butyl, neoprene etc. allows to be used in many different areas in the automotive and electrical fields
- Highly elastic
Your advantages:
- The tape can be stretched considerably and nestles very close to the material to be processed
- Sealing of pipes and hoses
- Emergency sealing of radiator and gas hoses
- Insulation of electrical lines and cables
- For use in places where heat shrink tubes can no longer be used
- Bundling lines

Notes on application- The surfaces to be sealed must be dry and free of dust and grease
- Remove PVC cover foil and stretch the tape considerably
- To achieve problem-free adhesion and a water-proof seal, wrap the tape tightly around the material to be processed and then overlap
- The shrink tape is only conditionally UV-resistant and should therefore be protected from direct sunlight


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