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Yellow Air Coupler Safety Boot For 0699714
Article Number:06997141
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Yellow Coupler Safety Boot

- Checks for leaks
- Purges air
- Refills system
- GM?recommended

- Airlocks in the cooling system of today’s vehicles have become a prevalent problem
- The problem can be caused by the positioning of the radiator at a level equal to or lower than the engine
- Upon refilling with liquid, air is trapped in the cooling system reducing circulation
- This results in overheating, added installation time and other problems
- While some OEM’s have attempted to address this by installing air-bleed devices on the cooling circuit, they are still plagued by airlocks

- The Air Evac II system purges those problematic airlocks, checks for leaks and then allows the technician to refill the system quickly and easily
- Simply connect your shop air to the Air Evac II, pull vacuum, check for leaks and then refill in seconds


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