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Autocode Key Machine without Laptop
Article Number:170224000
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-Autocode- Key Machine


Autocode Machine

Computerized Key Machine

- Comes with a full code database included. Simply hit the Code key, enter key code, select vehicle model, choose & install key blank in vise, press -cut the key- & in about 15 seconds your key will be cut.
bNote: Not equipped to cut steel keys. Additional cutting wheel required.
- Features a history function that will store key cutting depths & customer information. This is excellent for the customer who loses their keys or for a large business that frequently needs the same key cut. Re-entering code number or original work order, again, is not required to make another key.
- In the Configure mode this machine also features:
- Complete control of who can access each menu
- Creates log of users
- Ability to change passwords to block or allow access to users
- Backup/restore History functions.
- Look-up and cut a key by manufacturer by simply entering the first few letters of the manufacturer and highlighting it in the table. Hit the enter key and all the spacing and key information is displayed as well as room to enter in the cuts of the key. Press the enter key and in about 15 seconds your key is ready to go.
- Using either the keyboard or mouse, you can choose Manufacturer, Codes, History or Machine. There are no special codes or reference materials needed with the program to access different manufacturers or code series. The software even features hints to let you know what any particular button is for.
- The WURTH AutoCode is backed by a one year, parts, labor & freight warranty. The control box inside the Autocode key machine is backed by a lifetime warranty.
- Laptop has a 30 day manufacturers warranty
- Autocode Key Machine w/CD ROM Version Software (Laptop not included) Art. # 170224000 (DS)
- Refurbished Laptops Installed w/Windows 95 for Autocode Key Machine Art. # 170224100 (DS)
- Autocode updates are available for purchase.
DS Designates Drop Ship

Laptop is a refurbished unit and has a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects only.

Autocode Machine has a 1 year warranty against factory defects. This warranty does not cover the key vice or the cutting wheel.

Minimum system requirements
The WURTH Autocode is designed to work with any 386 or higher PC compatible computer with a CD ROM 2x or higher. The software will require about 20 megabytes of disc space, and the computer must be running Windows 95.

It is recommended that the laptop be kept away from key chips.


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