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FlowForm Screw Torx Head - M5-0.8 x 22MM (For Aluminum)
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The Flowform® screw is an innovative alternative to conventional methods of joining sheet metals together. The fastener is based on flow-drilling, a process for producing threaded or unthreaded holes in metal parts. The sharp pointed screw is spun at high RPMs. As the spinning tip comes into contact with the metal, heat is generated, making the material soft and malleable enough to be formed and perforated. The heated metal forms a deep, solid threaded bond around the screw.



  • Heat treated 10.9
  • 6 Point Torx head
  • Polygonal body with an unthreaded sharp concial point
  • Based on Toptite 2000® - technology known a flow-drilling




  • Polygonal body increases holding strength while reducing materila displacement
  • Can be installed with or without a punched or drilled hole
  • Easier to install
  • More economical than spot-welding
  • Does not require a c-frame or counter nut


Areas of Application


  • When the assembler/technician has access to one side of the component only
  • 5mm only: to replace existing 5mm Flowform® screws or when replacing panels with existing un·stripped threaded holes that hove been created from existing Flowform® screws
  • 6mm only: aluminum panels with existing threaded holes created by a Flowform® screw but is now stripped, or the original Flowform® screw has been pulled through/lost


Vechicle Applications


  • Ford F-150 - 2015 models
  • GM Omega - Fall 2015
  • Jaguar XK and X 150
  • Lotus - aluminum chassis in the Proton
  • Volkswagen - for the cover of the entry step on the Cross Touran
  • ThyssenKrupp, for body panels on the Lamborghini
  • Fehrer Automotive and Alcoa - for body panels


Physical Properties

Dia Thd Pitch Min/Max Hd Dia Min/Max Hght Min/Max Lgth Min/Max Thrd Lgth Min/Max Tip Dia
M5 x 0.8mm 12.57mm-13.00mm 3.8mm - 4.2mm 22.00mm - 22.65mm 9.35mm - 10.25mm -



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