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Eco Granite And Tile Cleaner 500Ml
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ECO Tile and Grout Cleaner


500ml Bottle

Mix Ratio

No dilution needed - Ready to use

Powerful tile, grout and cement cleaner.

Eco Tile and Grout Cleaner contains biodegradable organic salt which is an extremely effective cleaning agent enabling fast powerful cleaning. Eco Tile and Grout Cleaner dissolves the most stubborn stains on pourous materials such as tile, grout, cement and stone. It does not contain any abrasives that could scratch surfaces. This product replaces all harsh acid cleaners such as muriatic acid. Eco Tile and Grout Cleaner can also be used to clean many metals including: stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Use Eco Tile and Grout Cleaner to clean stone products such as terrazzo, quarry tiles, concrete and brick. You will achieve results similar to muriatic acid but without all the danger to workers and materials.

- No VOCs
- Biodegradable
- Completely soluble in water
- Fresch scent
- Foaming action allows for longer dwell time
- Creates absolutely no harsh or corrosive vapors
- Non-caustic, non-acid, non-corrosive
- Made from 100% sustainable resources

- Automotive and trucking industries for shop floors
- Fast and efficient cleaning of tile, grout, brick, terrazzo, cement, etc.
- Non-corrosive cleaner for stainless steel appliances and equipment
- Hospitals
- Excellent all purpose cleaner for stubborn water scale, soap scum, rust stains, grease, mildew and mold
- Flooring, kitchen, batch, concrete, brick trades

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