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Body Protection Wax Black 33.8 Fl Oz
Article Number:08920791 SDS
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Wax Underbody Protection - Black



33.8 fl. oz. Container


Non paintable wax based coating material containing solvent. Suitable for supplementing and retreating all kinds of protective coatings based on PVC, rubber-resin, bitumen, and wax-based underbody treatments. Very well suited to treating plain metal surfaces. Permanently-flexible coating material with a self-healing effect. Guarantees clean, mist-free working conditions. Has very good corrosion-protection properties even when applied in thinner layers. Forms a strongly-bonding, closed protective film extremely resistant to cracking. Will not run or tear on vertical surfaces. Behaves neutrally towards paints and rubber and plastic components, as well as in oven-drying up to +176 degrees F.

Permanently elastic

- Forms a tear-resistant, closed protective film (tested in accordance with DIN 53152)
- Good stone chip protection via -self-healing effect-
Free of bitumen

- Formula based on high-quality waxes
- Very good corrosion protection, also within thin layers (tested in accordance with DIN 50021)
Excellent adhesive properties on a wide variety of surfaces
- No running or dripping with vertical application (depending on layer thickness)
- Paint, rubber, and PVC compatible
Quick skin formation and drying times
- Skin formulation after approximately 120 minutes is 400 µ (micrometres)
- Minimal downtime
VOC Compliant
- Solvent-reduced
- Complies with the VOC maximum content specified in the VOC Ordinance
Resistant to sprayed water and saltwater, weak acids and bases
Temperature resistance after thorough drying: -13 degrees F to +176 degrees F
Forms a bonding & highly elastic abrasion resistant film
Protect against water & salt on roads
Resistant to high temperatures
Drip and mist free
Paint, rubber & plastics are unaffected
For use with Multi Sprayer (Art. # 0891110)
Used on all GM trucks & vans

To enhance and treat all protective coatings on PVC, rubber resin, bitumen and wax-based underbodies. Highly suitable for untreated metal surfaces.

Before use, check spray pistol and nozzle for proper functioning. Turn can upside down and spray until valve is empty after use. Do not spray on joints, engines, transmissions and brake systems.

WarningThis product can expose you to Carbon black which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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