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Headlight Sealant Total Package
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Headlight Sealant Total Package
Headlight Restoraton UVCure Sealant Kit

A state-of-the-art, sprayed on chemical formula that renews and provides permanent protection to the headlight polycarbonate lens.

Restores your old hazy, yellowed and foggy headlights lens, improves optical illumination, appearance and value to your vehicle.

The Wurth UV Cure Sealant Headlight Restoration kit will service one pair of Polycarbonate headlights. This technology has been lab tested under SAE protocols to prove longevity and comes with a limited lifetime written warranty.


  • Quick and easy application
  • Dries in minutes*
  • one kit per vehicle
  • manage billable inventory


  • Improved visibility
  • Better, brighter vision at night
  • Eliminates the need to replace old, hazy headlights

*Improve UVCure Sealant Kit effectiveness with LED UVCure Wand! (Art. #1893573851)

Headlight LED UV Curing Wand 110 Volt

The LED UV Curing Wand is a 16-watt ultra violet light which plugs into a standard 110 volt wall outlet. Especially useful for curing the UVCure Sealant indoors or on cloudy days.

For use with UVCure Sealant Kit (Art. #1893573850). For renewing and curing old, hazy headlights anytime: indoors or even on cloudy days!

Benefits & Features

  • Cures the UVCure Sealant in approximately 1-2 minutes depending on the size of the lens
  • Hand held to follow the contour of the headlight lens.


To ensure safety, we recommend wearing the provided UV Safety Glasses* when using this product.

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