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Body Shop Sampler Package Deal
Article Number:1964190931 SDS
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Contains the following

4-1/2'x1/4' Grinding Wheels
  • Synthetic resin-bound, fibre reinforced, high-performance rough turning discs.
  • For freehand rough turning with electric or compressed air angle grinders.
  • Very low incidence of breakage.
  • Minimal measurement and imbalance tolerance
  • Discs meet the very high safety requirements of the Euro­pean standard EN 12413 and the OSA (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives).
3'x 1/32' Cut-Off Wheels
  • Extremely high cutting capacity (very short cut-off times); very longservice life.
  • Extremely thin for precise, virtually burr and chatter-free cutting (very clean and cool cutting surfaces).
  • Work requires minimal effort and helps to protect the user and machine.
  • Minimal build-up of cutting waste and cut-off dust.
  • Low noise output and high break-resistance.
  • Specially designed for thin-walled pipes andprofiles, thin metal sheets, car body sheets, etc.
4-1/2' Premium Aluminum Oxide Fibre Disc
  • High quality, heavy vulcanized fibre discs, 8mm thick.
  • Thick corundum coating (aluminum oxide).
  • Synthetic resin bound.
  • Ideal for grinding welds of all types:
  • Steel, fabricated steel, fiberglass & heavy metals.
  • No clogging due to dust repellent coating.
  • Long service life.
  • No breaking or tearing at the edges during grinding.
3' Disc Holder with Mandrel Blue 3' Nylon Grinding Disc
  • Resilient nylon fiber fleece with embedded grit.
  • Highly effective for cleaning without removing too much of the base material.
  • May be used wet or dry.
Zebra Flexi-Disc
  • Outlasts conventional fibre discs
  • No clogging or smearing
  • Cool grinding
  • Versatile with a wide range of applications
  • Higher resistance to tearing when grindingcorners and edges
  • Higher volume of material is removed
  • Self sharpening zirconia continuously produce new sharp points
Cartridge Tip Cutter
  • Cuts the perfect angle on all plastic cartridge tips.
  • Cuts straight edge on our threaded sprayable seam sealer
Razor Blades
  • Strong steel back, single edge.
  • 100/box individually wrapped for rust and edge protection.
  • 10 rolls/case of high quality tape.
  • Tape strips clean with no residue or paint flake after oven baking and extended application.
  • Use on metal, rubber or plastic.
  • Replaces 2' tape & works 30% faster.
  • Paper & tape made in the USA.
WURTH Clear Coat
  • Crystal clear durable finish
  • Ultra high build
  • Compatible with water-based basecoats
  • Excellent gloss and image depth
High Build Primer/Filler
  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Excellent for uneven surfaces before topcoating
  • Apply to existing painted surfaces, polyester bodyfillers and B.R.P.
  • Produces high film build similar to spray gun
  • Chromate free and easy to sand
AdhesivFlex Seam Sealer
  • A high quality Polyurethane seam sealer & adhesive, superior to conventional rubber or silicone based sealers.
  • Silicone free.
  • Paintable, sandable.
  • Highly flexible, does not shrink.
  • Smooths with soapy water.
  • Adheres to metal, wood, plastic and glass.
Flexible Trim Paint Satin Black
  • Will match most OEM finishes.
  • Can also be used as a flexible Bumper or Plastic Paint.
  • Equivalent to factory blacked out trim.
  • Satin finish.
  • Refinishes primed steel, alumuminum & plastic bumpers.
Transfer Adhesion Tape
  • Excellent adhesion on most smooth surfaces.
  • Quick bonding and holding power
  • Thin Adhesive film allows name plates to maintain their low profile appearance.
  • Resistant to water, alcohol and detergents.
  • No cutting or trimming.
Flowable Blending and Finishing Putty
  • Designed to fill pin holes, sanding scratches and minor imperfections
  • Spread over a much larger area than conventional glazing putties - allows imperfections to be filled without altering contour
  • Spread extremely thin and sanded to an ultra-fine featheredge
  • Use over sanded substrates, steel, galvanized steel and aluminum
  • When mixed with body fillers, it improves spreading and sanding
  • Cream hardener included

Package Deal Contents:

Transfer Adhesion Tape (10 strips) 0894110602 Transfer Adhesion Tape (10 strips) 1
Auto Masking Tape 1-1/2" x 55 Yards (38mm x 50m) 199253 Auto Masking Tape 1-1/2" x 55 Yards (38mm x 50m) 1
Cartridge Tip Cutter 07156609 Cartridge Tip Cutter 1
Mini Flex Disc Zirconium 3 Inch  Grit 80 1578707680 Mini Flex Disc Zirconium 3 Inch Grit 80 1
3" Blue Nylon Disc with Hub 15852130 3" Blue Nylon Disc with Hub 1
High Build Primer Filler 12.41 Fl Oz 18909072 High Build Primer Filler 12.41 Fl Oz 1
4-1/2 X 1/4 Long Life Blue Grinding Wheel 0670161157 4-1/2 X 1/4 Long Life Blue Grinding Wheel 1
Flowable Blending & Finishing Putty 24 Oz 08928001 Flowable Blending & Finishing Putty 24 Oz 1
Flexi-Trim Satin Black Paint 089099000 Flexi-Trim Satin Black Paint 1
3 1/32 Speed Green Cutting Wheel 0664130761 3 1/32 Speed Green Cutting Wheel 3
Bond and Seal Adhesivflex Black 310 Ml 08901003 Bond and Seal Adhesivflex Black 310 Ml 1
Spray Clear Coat 12 Fl Oz 18930191 Spray Clear Coat 12 Fl Oz 1
Resin Fiber Disc 4 1/2 Inch  Aluminum Oxide Grit 36 0580211536 Resin Fiber Disc 4 1/2 Inch Aluminum Oxide Grit 36 6
Razor Blades 100 Pack 16033010 Razor Blades 100 Pack 1

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