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See Through Grinding Disc 4 1/2 Inch 40 Grit
Article Number:0578811540
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Diameter Borehole Max RPM Grain
4 1/2 mm 22.23 mm 13,300 40

Good view 'through the disc' and thus on the material being processed. Fantastically cool and even grinding results. Ideal for the processing of thin sheet metal for the construction of vehicle bodies, for full material and weld seams.


  • General steel construction
    • Weld seam preparation and post-processing of weld seam
    • Derusting
    • Removal of scale (to a small extent)
    • Grinding of wrought ironwork (grills, railings, banisters)
    • Removal of excess zinc on weld seams before plastic coating
  • Stainless steel processing
    • Pipeline construction, tank and container construction
    • Apparatus construction (chemical industry)
    • Plant construction, such as breweries, food industry
    • Boat construction
  • Aluminum processing
    (all non-ferrous metals)
    • Special vehicles, such as silo vehicles, ambulances, fire department vehicles, etc.
    • Ship construction
    • Airplane construction
  • Vehicle body construction
    • Accident repairs: paints and filler compounds, MIG solder seams
    • Special vehicle construction (lorry attachments, servicing, parts subject to wear for bulk material transporters)
  • Wood and FRP processing
    • Exact surfaces or edge corrections
  • Agricultural machines
    • Sharpening of blades (lawn mowers, reciprocating finger bar mover)


  • Zirconium-corundum cloth plate
    • Free view of the work piece being processed Prevents undesired excessive grinding Reduction of processing faults
    • Better surface quality through more targeted work
    • Cool grinding due to fan effect Reduction of temperature on the surface prevents undesired blue coloring of the work piece
    • Good, steady guidance

When only wood or plastics are ground, the disc must be cleaned by grinding on a sharp-edged iron tool


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