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SPEED Green Cut-Off Wheel - 5 Inch x 1/32 Inch (7/8 Inch Arbor)
Article Number:0664131250 SDS
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Dia. x ThicknessHoleMax RPM
5' x 1/32'7/8'12,200

Cut-off work on pipes, ventilation ducts, metal sheets, pipe systems, bars, steel reinforcements, profiles and rails, cable trays and ducts, high-voltage cables, steel rope, composite materials, plastics, etc.

Areas of Application
  • Extremely high cutting capacity (very short cut-off times); very long service life
  • Extremely thin for precise, virtually burr and chatter-free cutting (very clean and cool cutting surfaces)
  • Work requires minimal effort and helps to protect the user and machine
  • Minimal build-up of cutting waste and cut-off dust
  • Low noise output and high break-resistance
  • Specially designed for thin-walled pipes and profiles, thin metal sheets, car body sheets, etc.
✓ Free from iron, chlorine and sulphur (≤0.1%).
✓ Meets KWU class II (e.g. for pipe system and reactor engineering).


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