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3/8 Cartridge Roll 120 Grit
Article Number:16727033
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DiameterLengthArbor HoleGrit
3/8'1 1/2'1/8'120

Aluminum Oxide Cartridge Rolls are ideal for fast cutting on irregular contours and other hard-to-reach areas on all ferrous materials.

  • Also known as sanding rolls, tootsie rolls and hard rolls
  • Rolled strips of abrasives, designed for metal removal on curved surfaces
  • Constructed of Aluminum Oxide Resin Bond for added durability
  • Multi-layer, multi-wear design exposes new abrasive cutting points throughout the life of the roll
  • Long lasting
  • Flash removal
  • Polishing
  • Removing machine tool marks
  • Edge breaking
  • Ideal for engine porting, including intake manifold, heads and exhaust manifolds
  • Removes burrs from carburetor base and carburetor parts
Cartridge rolls of 1' lengthRequires 3/4' pilot length
Cartridge rolls of 1 1/2' lengthRequires 1' pilot length
Cartridge rolls of 2' lengthRequires 1 1/2' pilot length
Cartridge rolls of 2 1/2' lengthRequires 2' pilot length


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