TPMS Accessories

TPMS 4-Way Valve Tool

  • Durable, all-in-one tool for removing the sensor nuts and seating the sensor grommets
  • Removes both 11mm and 12mm nuts
  • Seats both beveled and non-beveled grommets
  • Ergonomic design

Valve Core Torque Tool

  • Durable, precision torque tool with a torque specification of 4 in-lbs
  • Use when installing TPMS valve cores to prevent over-tightening which can damage the TPMS valve by stripping the valve’s internal threads or removing the nickel plating of the core, resulting in corrosion

Mounting Band for Ford Sensors

  • For 14” to 26” wheels
  • Torque to 27 in-lbs (3 N.m.)

Grommet Removal Tool

  • Designed to safely remove the rubber grommet from the aluminum stem of a TPMS sensor
  • Receiving hole can be used to install a new grommet

TPMS Valve Accessories

  • TPMS Electroless Nickel Plated Valve Core
  • Long Skirted Black Plastic Cap with Seal
  • Gray Plastic Cap with Seal
  • Chromed Plastic Hex Cap with Seal
  • VC-8 Green Plastic Cap with Seal
  • TPMS Snap-in Valve with Chromed Plastic Sleeve and Cap

TPMS Replacement Parts Kits & Valves