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Basic Information on Lead Wheel Weights

Wheel weights are clipped to the rims of every automobile wheel in the United States in order to balance the tires. These weights often come loose and fall off. They are either washed into storm sewers and end up in waterways or are gathered during street cleaning and placed in municipal landfills. The weights are susceptible to atmospheric corrosion. Currently, there are no regulatory controls governing the use of lead wheel weights.


Switching to Steel and/or Zinc Benefits the Environment AND Your Business

Lead was banned in paint and gasoline in the U.S. in the 1970s. It has been scientifically linked to brain damage, learning disabilities and permanent damage to the nervous system. Several state and local governments have taken steps toward banning the use of lead wheel weights in their jurisdictions.

Wurth USA has a solution...

Wurth USA now offers steel wheel weights and zinc wheel weights as a greener alternative without sacrificing important characteristics such as retention and corrosion resistance. Switching to lead-free alternativs such as steel or zinc will allow each of us to reduce the impact of lead accumulation in our environment.

These weights have the same functionality, appearance and fit characteristics as conventional wheel weights. These non-lead weights are designed and produced for cars with both steel and alloy wheels, and are coated with a protective coating to ensure corrosion resistance.

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