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IAL Series Zinc Wheel Weight

IAL-Series Zinc Wheel Weights

Fits most Japanese alloy rims better than the standard type. Can be used on some Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Volvo models. Polymer coated.

RUC Series Zinc Wheel Weight

RUC-Series Zinc Wheel Weights

OEM for newer Mercedez Benz vehicles, including SUV’s without an outboard flange. Smooth, aerodynamic appearance. Size of weight is printed on self-adhesive backing. Polymer coated.

LH Series Zinc Wheel Weight

LH-Series Zinc Wheel Weights

Used on late model Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars. Designed to fit unique wheel flange profile. Meets all OEM quality specifications

LT1 Series Zinc Wheel Weight

LT1-Series Zinc Wheel Weights

Used mostly on light-duty trucks, 3/4 and 1 ton vehicles, with either tube or tubeless rims which are too thick for passenger weights. Also for use on heavier trucks with thin rim flanges.

BMN Series Zinc Wheel Weight

BMN-Series Zinc Wheel Weights

OEM weight for BMW. Also for use on other European models such as Audi, Volkswagen and Jaguar.Polymer coated. Used on Range Rover.

MBN Series Zinc Wheel Weight

MBN-Series Zinc Wheel Weights

OEM weight for Mercedes Benz. 2-pc. weight includes clip. MB series polymer.

Adhesive Zinc Wheel Weights on a Roll

Adhesive Zinc Wheel Weights On A Roll

Würth Zinc Wheel Weights on a Roll have a powder-coated surface and dark adhesive tape that is thermally stable up to 356ºF.

Designed to save time, these wheel weights come in 1,000 5-gram segments (5kg) and can be used with any aluminum rims.