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Safety Masks & Respirators

Würth Dust Filtration Masks have a molded cup design and a boomerang nose seal with a full seal option for a secure and comfortable fit.

Ideal for dusty environments, Würth Dust & Mist Respirators are designed with an adjustable contoured nosepiece and a low pressure drop exhalation valve for easier breathing.

Corded Ear Plugs

Würth Corded Ear Plugs, with a detachable nylon cord, have a patented design that combines firm core for easy handling with soft flanges for a comfortable seal in the ear canal. The FlexiFirm stem is easy to grasp, ensuring easy insertion.

Safety Glasses

We carry a variety of safety glasses and goggles, including Prevail® Glasses, Harley-Davidson® Safety Eyewear, Andromeda Full-Vision Goggles, and anti-scratch Würth Safety Glasses in clear, grey and light blue lens colors. Würth Impex brand glasses are available in jumbo sizes for use over prescription glasses.

Safety Gloves

Our complete line of safety gloves ranges from disposable and heavy duty latex gloves, to several varieties of nitrile gloves, to PVC gloves for oils, acids, caustics, grease, most solvents and chemicals. Other varieties include assembly gloves that are coated on one side with PVC dots, high abrasion and cut-resistant protective gloves, cowhide gloves with all-leather index fingers, five finger welder's gloves, and leather gloves.