Tire Valve Accessories | Tire Valve Stems

1 1/4' Tire Valve Stem

Tire Valve Stems

Würth snap-in Tire Valve Stems are safe for all tire pressures up to a maximum of 60 psi (cold pressure) and a maximum rim thickness of .156” (3.96mm).

Our Screw-on Valve Installation/Removal Tool is recommended for all valve types.

4 Way Valve Tool

4-Way Valve Tool

This valve tool cleans, threads and recuts inside and outside threads. Removing old core with broken swivels and inserting new valve core is easily done without thread damage.

Air Pressure Gauge

Würth Air Pressure Gauge

The design of our chrome-plated, 5-50 psi tire pressure gauge is modeled after the most popular style of passenger vehicle pressure gauges and made in the U.S.A.

BMW Tire Valve Cap

Tire Valve Caps

For use on Nitrogen inflated tires, Würth Tire Valve Caps are designed with an interior silicone gasket to create a secondary seal and prevent loss of pressure due to faulty valve cores.

Tire Valve Extension

Tire Valve Extension

Würth Tire Valve Extensions are available in 3/4" and 1 1/4" sizes, and their cores fit easily into all snap-in valves.

Wheel Nut Flags

Wheel Nut Flags

Würth safety yellow Wheel Nut Flags are designed to fit tightly over wheel nuts and identify movement or excessive overheating at the end of the wheel. They can withstand excessive exposure to extreme weather, road salt and petro-chemicals.

Tire Valve Core

Tire Valve Cores

Our Tire Valve Cores are designed to fit easily into any snap-in valve.