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WURTH Hose Rack Art. # 189511

WURTH Hose Rack
Art. # 189511

Our vast line of automotive service & repair products contains a wide range of U.S. and metric fuel hose including braided fuel and vacuum hose, smooth fuel and vacuum hose, fuel line vapor hose, fuel injection hose, windshield tubing, vacuum tubing, transmission oil cooler hose, high temperature heater hose, crankcase vent hose, clear vinyl tubing, power steering hose, brake hose, nylon fuel injection hose, and clear PVC hose.

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Braided Fuel / Vacuum Hose

Our flexible Braided Fuel/Vacuum Hose is constructed of synthetic rubber (NBR) with outer twine braiding. Common applications include use as a leak-oil line on motor vehicles or as a gasoline line in the non-transport sector for compliance with operating temperatures (i.e. lawn mowers).

Smooth Fuel/Vacuum Hose

Our synthetic rubber Smooth Fuel/Vacuum Hose is designed with an abrasive resistant outer cover and is used for conveying all leaded and unleaded commercial fuels in cars, motorcycles and construction machinery. This hose can also be used as a vacuum hose.

WURTH Hose Dispenser Art. # 189510

WURTH Hose Dispenser
Art. # 189510

Specialty Hoses (metric sizes)

Our extensive offering of specialty hoses includes windshield hose, power steering hose, brake hose, nylon fuel injection hose and clear PVC hose.

Fuel Line/Vapor Hose

Designed for conveying gasoline, Würth Fuel Line/Vapor Hose withstands oil, grease, abrasion and ozone, and handles temperature ranges of - 40˚F to +257˚F.

Fuel Injection Hose

Würth fuel injection hose can withstand extremely high temperatures generated by modern fuel injected engines and handles all types of fuels including leaded, unleaded, alcohol added, diesel and extended gasoline.

Windshield/Vacuum Tubing

Our heat-resistant, low pressure EPDM tubing for windshield washers, vacuum operated accessories, and emission control applications meets SAE J1037 specs and maintains flexibility even at low temperatures.

Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

Designed for circulating transmission fluid at high temperatures, Würth Transmission Oil Cooler Hose is polyester reinforced for high burst protection and withstands temperatures up to +250ºF (300ºF intermittent). The tube & cover meet OEM and SAE J1532 standards and resists fuel, oil, ozone, grease and heat aging.

High Temperature Heater Hose

Used as a replacement on most cars and light trucks, this weather resistant, standard-grade hose is similar to SAE 20R3 for normal duty service and withstands the abuse of corrosive solutions and additives.

Crankcase Vent Hose

Our low-pressure Crankcase Vent hose handles gasoline vapor, carbon monoxide exhaust fumes and engine heat. The oil, grease and abrasion resistant cover provides an extended service life.

Clear Vinyl Tubing

This non-toxic food grade tubing is suitable for general purpose household or industrial use and resists abrasion, acids, alkaline and alcohol, as well as most chemicals and solvents.

Clear Braided Tubing

Würth nylon-reinforced PVC clear braided tubing is available by the foot and has a temperature range from +25ºF to +150ºF.

Hose Connectors

We offer vacuum, emission and windshield hose connectors in all popular sizes and shapes.