Wurth USA | Automotive AC Parts | AC Machine Accessories

Wurth USA offers various AC Machine accessories including:

AC line aluminum tubing used for running hardlines in a vehicle

Vacuum Pump Lubricant

  • A partial synthetic blend formulated to improve performance and extend vacuum pump life
  • Compatible with all brands of vacuum pumps
  • Provides low volatility and high resistance to oxidation
  • Controls carbon and varnish deposits in vacuum pumps
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous

Hybrid AC Compressor Lubricant

  • Provides excellent lubricity and air conditioning system compressor protection
  • Intended for use in electric air conditioning compressors of the type found in Hybrid and Electric vehicles
  • A high dielectric protection formula with excellent “resistivity” to potential electrical leakage in high current AC systems
  • Includes additives to prevent acid formation and corrosioin in air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Will not harm air conditioning systems or recovery equipment and tools