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At Wurth USA, we have the privilege of knowing many customers who use their talents to give back to their communities. The group at K&L Chrome, a truck fabrication and repair shop in Florence, SC, is no exception. As the designers on Outcast Kustoms on Discovery’s Velocity Channel, they use their skills and experience to accomplish remarkable results for many different types of clients.

Their roots in the trucking industry and their sense of community help them understand what their customers are looking for on a human level, giving them the power to bring jobs to life through their creativity and expertise. As self-proclaimed “critics of their own work,” the group at K&L always sees room for improvement – their only limits are their deadlines. “We have a lot of great craftsmen,” Kelvin Locklear, Lead Designer at Outcast Kustoms and Owner of K&L Chrome told us, “we never look at our projects as being complete – everything has room for improvement.”

Oustcast Kustoms showcases the various re-fab projects the group at K&L works on. Ranging from annual local charity to big-name gigs, none of them lack creativity. We had an opportunity to talk with Kelvin and hear first-hand what it’s been like so far. “It’s been an awesome process. We started on Trick My Truck on CMT and ended up with a one-show deal with American Trucker on Speed TV, where we got noticed by the Discovery Velocity Channel. It helped our business because it gave us an opportunity to show what we could do for our customers, and as a small shop we wouldn’t be able to afford that type of advertising. Now we’ve got another show and recently opened a second shop.”

As a fan of Würth products, you’ll see Kelvin using them on the show throughout the season, his favorite being the shrink/solder/seal electrical connectors. “We also have several Würth Tool Trolleys – they’re convenient and they definitely pack a lot of stuff.”

So what’s been the coolest project they’ve gotten to work on so far? Kelvin told us that we’ll see a lot of really great things on the show, but some of the best projects are the ones that bring him and his wife April back to their own childhoods with parents in the trucking industry. “At Speed TV, we got to work with a 28 year-old soldier stationed in Fort Bragg who remembered riding in his Dad’s Fed-Ex truck as a kid. That old truck was still in their backyard. So we worked on it and when he came home from his third tour overseas, they got to ride in it again, but this time he took his Dad for a ride.”

For more information on Outcast Kustoms, visit their website at www.outcastkustoms.com.