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MRO Industry-State & Local Municipalities

Wurth USA has been a leading provider of maintenance repair and operational supplies, tools and equipment to the MRO industry for over 40 years.

In addition to our broad range of fasteners, electrical products, cleaners, lubricants, tools and safety supplies, we offer cost-effective aftermarket solutions that meet OEM standards.

The Maintenance Repair and Operational industry is a significant part of our valued customer base. Some of the many MRO businesses we work with include state and local municipalities, hotels and special metal manufacturers.

At Würth we’re determined to improve our products and services on an ongoing basis, and our goal is to be the most trusted parts supplier in the nation. Our sales reps are dedicated to providing our MRO customers with top-quality service, training and custom-tailored solutions to keep your plants running smoothly and efficiently.

We also provide our MRO industry customers with a number of free service programs, including our ORSY® system that includes storage bins, tools, racks and dispensers to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Other services include our Toll Free Chemical Hotline, a 24 hour turnaround time and obsolescence credits towards WURTH products.

For more information, contact a Würth Service Representative today at 800-987-8487 or email info@wurthusa.com.