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Collision Repair

Wurth USA has supplied the collision repair industry with high-quality parts, products and services since 1969. We have over 500 employees and multiple warehouse locations across the country who are dedicated to supplying all of our car collision repair customers with the right parts and products for every type of collision repair work.

Top Quality Parts, Products and Services Designed for the Collision Repair Industry

Würth serves every kind of automotive collision repair business. Whether a customer owns or runs a body shop, an independent repair shop, or an auto dealership, our top-quality products and parts meet their specific needs.

Our team of researchers and developers at The Würth Group work tirelessly to ensure that Würth products are made from the finest materials to the strictest specifications. At Wurth USA, we have a complete assortment of screws, bolts, fasteners and rivets as well as full lines of custom parts for exotic cars and special repair cases. Whether you're repairing a Rolls Royce or a semi truck, we have the parts needed to get the job done. Our wide range of collision repair parts is perfectly crafted for domestic and import cars, making our products a great choice for boutique body shops and national collision repair chains alike.

Programs Tailored to All Types of Collision Repair Customers

We offer free training certification programs to our qualified collision repair industry customers. Through our free training programs, our customers can make sure that their employees are fully qualified to use Würth products safely and effectively, saving both time and money.

Another excellent service we offer to collision repair customers is WURTH SIS™ inventory and invoicing management software. One of our Würth technicians will assist with software installation and train your employees how to quickly and effectively keep track of all Würth auto parts. By keeping such precise records, many of our our customers have lowered costs and increased efficiency.

Trusted Partner in Auto Collision Repair

We have over 40,000 customers across the nation, and many of those are part of the auto body collision repair industry. Our success as a company is a direct result of our dedicated customers.

Rather than trying to make quick sales, we stand behind the quality of our automotive products and strive to build long-term relationships with our auto collision repair clients that are mutually beneficial. In supplying our customers with affordable products, free services, and unmatched customer service, we're dedicated to quality not just in collision repair parts, but in every aspect of our business.

To inquire about the products, services, programs, or benefits offered to collision repair customers, contact one of our specialists directly at 800-987-8487 or email us at info@wurthusa.com.