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Cargo and Fleet Maintenance

At Wurth USA, we understand that in order for the cargo industry to run its best, cargo equipment has to run its best. Our company helps the cargo industry run the best it can by providing quality products, services, and training customized to the industry’s unique needs. By keeping cargo businesses stocked with quality truck parts and products at affordable prices, we do our best every day to improve the profitability, efficiency, and organization of our cargo industry customers.

Cargo and Fleet Maintenance Clientele Benefit by Partnering with Würth

The customers that we serve in the fleet maintenance industry include trucking company owners, fleet maintenance shop owners, and other cargo parts and services managers. Our warehouses are strategically placed across the U.S. to ensure prompt delivery of the parts and products that our customers need and utilize daily.

As one of the largest parts suppliers in the country, we have over 500 employees dedicated to bringing excellent quality and service at every turn to over 40,000 customers. Even global cargo or fleet maintenance operations aren’t too big for Würth to handle – The Würth Group operates in 84 countries around the world.

National fleet maintenance and cargo industry customers can benefit from a number of our free programs. We offer offer a group volume buying program to our customers with multiple locations. This program allows our fleet maintenance industry customers to buy high volumes of cargo products and get them delivered quickly. The potential cost savings of this program alone make Wurth USA a top choice among cargo industry businesses.

We also offer great services to cargo and fleet maintenance operations. Our ORSY® partnership program, for example, provides our customers with all of the tools and resources needed to effectively organize, store, and access our full line of products. All we ask is that they use Würth products. The ORSY® system can improve the efficiency and organization of virtually any fleet maintenance facility, thereby reducing costs and increasing profits.

And when it comes to product selection, our products simply can’t be beat. Our extensive array of chemicals, tools, and more are ideal for the cargo and fleet maintenance industries. Your equipment will run better than ever when they're maintained with quality Würth parts and products.

Fostering Long-Term Relationships within the Cargo Industry

Regardless of a cargo company’s size, our employees are dedicated to fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with each of our clients. Our researchers and developers at The Würth Group work tirelessly to ensure that all products are the highest possible quality. Likewise, our sales representatives strive to build quality relationships with all of customers day after day, year after year.

Since 1969, Wurth USA has been at the top of the automotive parts supplier market because our dedication to quality and service is simply unsurpassed.

Contact us today to speak with a highly-trained representative about any cargo industry needs at 800-987-8487 or email us at info@wurthusa.com.